4th June 2013
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GPCv18 Idea: As-Yet-Unnamed RTS

Good news, my job sent me on a week-long HTML5 course! I now have quite a lot more clue about (among other things) how to …

28th April 2013

Abstract: LD Edition

First Ludum Dare of the year, and I’ve finished it in 24 hours. That was unexpected… Since this LD’s theme is “Minimalism”, I’ve made a …

12th April 2013

Quantum On The High Seas: GPCv17 Edition

My game for GPCv17, Quantum On The High Seas, is now finished. It’s pretty much an exact implementation of my original sketch from before. I …

8th April 2013
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Game Idea: Quantum On The High Seas

This month’s Game Prototype Challenge has been announced, the themes are Entanglement and Islands. So, crazy person that I am, I’ve decided to make a …

2nd April 2013

I Have Minions: 2nd April Update

Yesterday, I announced that I was working on an Android game, I Have Minions. Yesterday was also April Fools’ Day. Today is 2nd April, so …

1st April 2013

In Progress: I Have Minions

I just thought I should probably let you all know what I’ve been working on since the end of 7DRL. I Have Minions is an …

22nd March 2013

Lurk Under Wires: Post-7DRL Bugfix Edition

Okay, so it turns out the original version of Lurk Under Wires had a few quite nasty bugs in it. If you knew what you …

15th March 2013
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Lurk Under Wires: 7DRL Edition

You are an enigmatic hacker, or possibly a malevolent AI, lurking somewhere on the world. See the @ symbol on the world map? That’s you. …

27th February 2013
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Fallen Vega released

One day to go before the end of the month, and I’ve got this month’s game Fallen Vega properly finished. You play as one of …

25th February 2013

Fallen Vega Soundtrack released!

Good news! The soundtrack to Fallen Vega is now finished. The game itself still needs a bit of polish over the next few days, but …