31st May 2014

Symmetric Ascent: Dark Field Game Jam edition

My old game-development-group-gaming-guild-server-people-group-thing are running a game jam this weekend. The given theme was “symmetric chaos”. I’ve not had that much spare time this weekend, …

28th April 2014

Planet Builder: Ludum Dare Edition

This Ludum Dare had the theme “Beneath The Surface”. I vaguely considered going for something a bit more metaphorical – but in the end, I …

9th March 2014
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City In Conflict: Cyberpunk Game Jam Edition

It’s been a while, but after a couple of unreleased game sketches I’ve got around to actually finishing something off. City In Conflict is a …

15th December 2013

Vega Core: Ludum Dare Edition

Ludum Dare is with us once again, with the theme “You Only Get One”. And, to keep things interesting, this weekend I Only Got about …

27th November 2013

Graphs Go Up And Down: Github Game Off Edition

Bitcoin’s in another upward swing at the moment. And while I’ve been watching and waiting for the inevitable bubble collapse, I’ve realised – watching the …

28th October 2013

SpinHex is now on the Google Play app store!

Well, I’ve now completed the October Challenge. I’ve finished a game, I’ve put it up for sale on the android app store, and I’ve now …

13th October 2013

Aquamarine Gravitino: Arbitrary Game Jam Edition

This month, I’ve been concentrating on getting an Android version of SpinHex properly polished for the Ludum Dare October Challenge. But that’s still really last …

10th September 2013
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SpinHex: Impromptu Midweek BretHudsonJam Edition

This game was thrown together for a Bret Hudson Weekend Jam that wasn’t at the weekend. Almost certainly the shortest game jam I’ve ever been …

26th August 2013

A Square Of Time And Space: LD Edition

Ludum Dare is here again! This time, the theme was “Ten Seconds”, so I made a turn-based time-travel strategy game about an area of spacetime …

13th July 2013

To The Tower: No Future Contest Edition

My MidSummer Jam Week game, To The Tower, has now been expanded a bit. It now features a second tower to expand into, plus some …