City In Conflict: Cyberpunk Game Jam Edition

Posted on 9th March 2014 by PTSnoop in Games

City In Conflict

It’s been a while, but after a couple of unreleased game sketches I’ve got around to actually finishing something off.

City In Conflict is a cyberpunk strategy game made for the week-long Cyberpunk Game Jam. You are a corporation trying to expand your control over the city.

If two buildings are next to one another, over time the stronger company will take over the building of the weaker. Different companies are strong against different companies.

You can directly intervene to change the company in control of a building. Federal law prevents you from installing your own company, but you can act on behalf of the other four companies – ideally ones your own company are strong against.

Linux page

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  1. The game is great, although it seemed to stop working after I won… a new game wouldn’t begin…


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