A Square Of Time And Space: LD Edition

Posted on 26th August 2013 by PTSnoop in Games


Ludum Dare is here again! This time, the theme was “Ten Seconds”, so I made a turn-based time-travel strategy game about an area of spacetime three lightseconds wide and ten seconds long.

One thing I hadn’t anticipated was how much more complicated time travel makes things. There are still plenty of bugs and glitches and things – lasers from futures that no longer happen, time-travelling spaceships not properly landing in the past and so forth – but I think we can excuse those on the basis that time travel is generally wibbly-wobbly and prone to causing problems with causality.

No explicit win condition as such. If you destroy all the yellow spaceships, you can consider yourself to have “won”, but the game won’t end – you can keep sending spaceships back into the past to cement your victory further, if you so wish.


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