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31st May 2014

Symmetric Ascent: Dark Field Game Jam edition

My old game-development-group-gaming-guild-server-people-group-thing are running a game jam this weekend. The given theme was “symmetric chaos”. I’ve not had that much spare time this weekend, …

28th April 2014

Planet Builder: Ludum Dare Edition

This Ludum Dare had the theme “Beneath The Surface”. I vaguely considered going for something a bit more metaphorical – but in the end, I …

9th March 2014
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City In Conflict: Cyberpunk Game Jam Edition

It’s been a while, but after a couple of unreleased game sketches I’ve got around to actually finishing something off. City In Conflict is a …

15th December 2013

Vega Core: Ludum Dare Edition

Ludum Dare is with us once again, with the theme “You Only Get One”. And, to keep things interesting, this weekend I Only Got about …

27th November 2013

Graphs Go Up And Down: Github Game Off Edition

Bitcoin’s in another upward swing at the moment. And while I’ve been watching and waiting for the inevitable bubble collapse, I’ve realised – watching the …

28th October 2013

SpinHex is now on the Google Play app store!

Well, I’ve now completed the October Challenge. I’ve finished a game, I’ve put it up for sale on the android app store, and I’ve now …

13th October 2013

Aquamarine Gravitino: Arbitrary Game Jam Edition

This month, I’ve been concentrating on getting an Android version of SpinHex properly polished for the Ludum Dare October Challenge. But that’s still really last …

10th September 2013
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SpinHex: Impromptu Midweek BretHudsonJam Edition

This game was thrown together for a Bret Hudson Weekend Jam that wasn’t at the weekend. Almost certainly the shortest game jam I’ve ever been …

26th August 2013

A Square Of Time And Space: LD Edition

Ludum Dare is here again! This time, the theme was “Ten Seconds”, so I made a turn-based time-travel strategy game about an area of spacetime …

25th July 2013

To The Tower selected for the Retro (No) Future Games Festival!

The nominees for the No Future Contest have been chosen. The fifteen chosen games are going to be displayed on custom arcade cabinets at Visages …