Small Whirled: Ludum Dare edition

Posted on 26th April 2017 by PTSnoop in Games

This Ludum Dare’s theme was “Small World”. I’ve already made one game about building planets, though, so this time I decided to go down a completely different route and just make a game that *sounds like* the theme.

Hold the left/right arrow keys to steer, tap the up key to paddle frantically. Escape from the whirlpool!


  • Homebrew physics!
  • Unpredicatable rocks! You might bounce off in a useful direction, you might just grind to a halt. Probably better just to avoid those things.
  • Dubious homophonic interpretation of the Ludum Dare theme, “Small World”!
  • Infinitely many levels! Each time you escape from a whirlpool, you go up a level. Each time you die, you go down a level.

Source – Love2D archive. To run this on Linux, install Love2D, then run “love”.

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