Planet Builder

A planetary engineering game.

Your job is to create different types of planet – desert, icy, earthlike etc – for different people. What components you put into the planet determine its tectonic activity, temperature, and water content. You’re aiming to keep all of these within certain limits.

Use the buttons on the left to drop new components into the planet.

The bad news is, all these components must fit beneath the surface of your planet – no edges sticking out. And you’ve only got a limited amount of planet-mass to cover things up with – so you’ll have to keep things packed closely together, as well as deciding carefully what you can get away with leaving out.

Components can be dragged around – a bit – but it’s by no means easy to get things where you want them. Be careful!

The right mouse button lets you rotate the camera.

On the right of the screen, you’ll see the current stats for your planet, as well as the details for your current planet type, and the planet type you’re aiming for. Once you’ve constructed the right type of planet, you’ll get a “Complete” button that’ll take you to the next level.

There are five levels in total. Good luck!

All planet surfaces generated using .

Web (Unity)