One Ludum Dare, two games

Posted on 25th April 2018 by PTSnoop in Games

This Ludum Dare, while I was waiting for the rest of the Dark Field Games team to arrive so we could get started, I sketched out a couple of game ideas for the newly announced theme – “Combine Two Incompatible Genres”. We decided to use the turn-based vertical-scrolling-shmup idea for the team game, so I spent Saturday on that – making the artwork, hacking together a decent-looking rain effect, finding some suitably atmospheric royalty-free music to use, and generally working on getting the atmosphere right – while JDWalker and Cosmosquark handled all the coding and gameplay.

Afterwards, though, I thought about those other game ideas I’d sketched out, and decided to code one of them up in the remaining 24 hours. So that’s why I also have a turn-based six-degrees-of-freedom space shooter set in Ancient Rome.

Two Second Detective

The back alleys of Fain City are filled with criminal types. But tonight is especially unusual.

You control Detective Bob in a top down turn based vertical shooter. Shoot the bad guys and look out for suspicious activity!

The music is Mystery Sax by Kevin MacLeod.


Etiam in Aeri

Hold the right mouse button to rotate the camera. Click the buttons to control your villa. Press Esc or Space to restart the current level.

Top row: Strafe left / Thrust up / Increase speed / Stop / Thrust Down / Strafe right

Middle row: Fire / Do nothing

Bottom row: Yaw left / Pitch up / Roll anticlockwise / Roll clockwise / Pitch down / Yaw right

…not that you really need to know those. I’d say it’s much better to learn what they all do by trying things out.


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