Lurk Under Wires: Post-7DRL Bugfix Edition

Posted on 22nd March 2013 by PTSnoop in Games


Okay, so it turns out the original version of Lurk Under Wires had a few quite nasty bugs in it. If you knew what you were doing and played like a logical rational person, you would be fine. But if you just dived in and started clicking on random buttons, the game would sense your inexperience and promptly segfault.

So I’ve added a few more checks to stop it from doing things that don’t make sense. Specifically, you’re no longer able to spawn Objects with no rooms in them – turns out instead of checking, I’d just written a TODO in the comments and forgotten to come back and actually implement anything. Also, if you die but you still have Objects in play, you’re no longer able to have both won and lost at the same time. If that makes any grammatical sense.

I was pondering adding a main menu and in-game help as well, but that probably wouldn’t really be in the spirit of a Seven Day RogueLike. So no new features just yet, unless I end up adding twelve new roomtypes and expand the thing out into a fundamentally different game at some indefinite point in the future. We’ll see what happens.

Linux build, may or may not work.

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