Ludum Dare results…

Posted on 21st May 2013 by PTSnoop in Thoughts

The Ludum Dare voting is over, and Abstract apparently did pretty well!

#9 Innovation 4.31
#15 Theme 4.40
#32 Audio 3.95
#39 Mood 3.91
#56 Humor 3.65
#58 Overall 3.90
#85 Fun 3.67
#291 Graphics 3.44

So yeah, out of 1610 Compo entries I cam 58th overall, and 9th for Innovation. Very happy with that! It’s going to be tricky to beat these numbers in the next LD in August, though… The LD entry page itself is at , if you want a look.

Meanwhile, the Fishing Jam is underway. It’s officially 20th-26th May, but since this jam is pretty flexible I’m planning on shunting my dates forward to take advantage of the Bank Holiday this coming Monday. I’ve got lots of Evil Plans, but they almost certainly warrant a blog post of their own.

(9th in Innovation? How’d that happen?)

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