GPCv18 Idea: As-Yet-Unnamed RTS

Posted on 4th June 2013 by PTSnoop in Games

GPCv18 Units

Good news, my job sent me on a week-long HTML5 course! I now have quite a lot more clue about (among other things) how to make HTML5 canvas games. I’m planning to get some practice for some of this year’s games, maybe my MidSummer Jam Week game.

Bad news, the timing of the HTML5 course somewhat thwarted my plans to make an MMO that week for Fishing Jam.

But good news, another week brings another game jam. This time it’s the Game Prototype Challenge, and we’ve been given the themes “Homelessness” and “Magic”. So I’ve decided to dust off the old Spring Engine and make an RTS in a week. The themes “Homelessness” and “Magic” have, in my mind, transmuted into “no fixed traditional-RTS base” and “lots of sleight-of-hand with decoys and cloaking and whatnot”.

No name as yet. And no clear visual mental picture as yet – all I have so far are an evenings’worth of 3D models. But on the other hand, I reckon these models do have quite a good visual style. We’ll see what happens.

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