Fallen Vega released

Posted on 27th February 2013 by PTSnoop in Games


One day to go before the end of the month, and I’ve got this month’s game Fallen Vega properly finished.

You play as one of hundreds of Dark spaceships, fighting in the long war against the Light spaceships. No hitpoints, a single bullet can destroy a spaceship or flip which side a Hub belongs to. And while you’re flying around, enjoy the soundtrack – it’s been the main focus of this month’s gamemaking effort. You can download it separately on Jamendo.


When in Overview mode, hold the right mouse button to rotate the camera, and click on a hub to spawn a spaceship.

Once spawned, you can move the mouse to pitch and yaw, click to shoot, and use the mousewheel to control the throttle. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard controls: WASD or arrowkeys for pitch and yaw, QE for roll, ZX for throttle, Ctrl to shoot. Or for an Xbox controller, left thumbstick for pitch and yaw, triggers for roll, right thumbstick for throttle, A to shooot.


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