Posted on 9th April 2013 by PTSnoop in Thoughts

Things seem to be happening in the world of Bitcoins right now. The things themselves seem to be in the middle of a Cyprus-fuelled bubble – no idea when it’s all going to crash, but whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to watch.

But at the same time, Bitcoins are suddenly being talked about in much wider circles than before. All of a sudden, you can buy pizzas and houses and things using Bitcoins. And that means, even after the inevitable crash, we may start seeing more people on the Internet willing to do business in the things. This is pretty interesting for me, a random digital-distribution games dev with vague hopes of maybe one day earning a non-zero amount of money from making games.

So it’s about time I had some sort of rudimentary system on here for people to give me Bitcoins. If you want to donate some some bitcoins to Altered Tree Games in exchange for some warm fuzzy feelings and not much else (warm fuzzy feelings not guaranteed), you can do so at the following address.


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