Among The Storms: NYGJ Edition

Posted on 1st January 2013 by PTSnoop in Games


Well, that was a rollercoaster of a game jam. Massive ups and downs from “this’ll be a great game” to “it’s lunchtime and I only have a Perlin Noise generator” to “aaaagh I’ll never get it done in time” to “wow, this is actually working now” to “I’ll have to cut out all these features” to “ooh I’ve now done this feature, that was easy” to “it’s still not playable and it’s Tuesday evening” to “it’s done”.

You are the captain of a vaguely steampunk airship. Your task is to fly from village to village, keeping the inhabitants supplied with sprockets, top hats and logic puzzles. And also to make a lot of money in the process.

This game seems to have completely ignored the official theme “Beginnings”, and also completely missed out all the planned features that would have brought it in line with my unofficial theme of “Storms”. But on the other hand, since this is also my One Game A Month game, I’ll probably keep prodding it throughout January. Maybe I’ll eventually add the elaborate backstory and detailed weather mechanics from my original spec. We’ll see.

WS for forward and backward, AD rotate left and right, QE up and down. Hold the right mouse button to rotate the camera. Fly close to villages to bring up the trading screen. Don’t lose all your money.


Web Player version coming soon…

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  1. there’s a glitch where if you try to sell something you don’t currently own, it’ll decrease your money allowing you to go negative.


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