Wall of Red String

The given theme was “Digging Deeper”. So I started with a vague idea about the “Deep State”, and ended up with this.

Your mission is (a) to figure out what’s truly going on, and (b) to keep the red string / pins of your conspiracy corkboard nice and tidy. Click and drag to move pins around. Once no red strings are crossing over, new information (which is to say, new pins and string) will appear.

(Sometimes it won’t be possible to uncross all the strings – so once you’ve dragged things around enough, a bin will appear in the bottom right corner that you can drag things into and unstick yourself.)

Once you’ve ███████████████████████, the game ███████ ████████████████. You can’t ██████████████████████████ – ████████████████████████████. To ████████ the game, use the █████████████████████████████████, █████████████ ██████████████████████████ world map. Good luck!

Source – Love2D archive. To run this on Linux, install Love2D, then run “love InkblotShade.love”.