Sleight is a strategy game based on the Spring game engine, featuring lots of cloaking, decoys, and general sleight-of-hand.

There are six types of unit in Sleight – Spike, Tri, Quad, and Eye, Hexpad, and King. Spikes are light flying units, Tris are slow heavy-damage units. Quads generate energy, Eyes give you expansive line-of-sight over the map.

Hexpads build units. Each Hexpad drains your energy, but the actual units created don’t cost anything on top of that. Your King is your starting unit, and you lose if it’s destroyed, so keep it safe! Kings can build Hexpads.

In addition, you king can build Decoy Hexpads, which can build Decoy units. Decoys units deal no damage, have a fraction of the hitpoints of normal units, and will spontaneously explode if you run out of energy. But they’re much cheaper, and can be built much more rapidly, allowing for various misdirections and evil schemes.

All units can be cloaked, making them invisible to any other units not right next to them. Cloaking costs energy – cloaking your Tris and Quads is very cheap, but cloaked Quads stop generating energy, and cloaking your King is very expensive (but very worthwhile).

The winner is the last player with a surviving King.

In the Windows zip package, Quickstart.exe will kick off a 1v1 game against an AI. To configure different maps, different amounts of opponents, or to play multiplayer games, launch Sleight/SpringLobby.exe .

Sleight is licensed under the GNU GPLv3.

SDZ – to run this, you’ll need the Spring Engine already installed.