Island Chain

You are the Archipelago Dollar, the new currency of a loosely-aligned trade federation of island city states. Every time you are used for trade, you gain points.

Click on a city to increase the money supply there.

The black icons show which goods are produced by a city, and which goods are in demand. The yellow circles show how much money is in a city.

Cities cannot buy goods unless they have plenty of money. If a city has no money, it cannot even sell goods.

Cities with more money will produce more goods, but also demand more.

Cities with lots of money will gain more money over time – if any city experiences hyperinflation, you lose. Cities with little money will lose money over time – if three cities run out of money, you lose.

Each trade slightly reduces the total money in the system.

More cities will join the trade federation over time.

Any resemblance to real-world macroeconomics is entirely coincidental.